So after Simon talks about The Sound of Music, my playlist decided to play this song. I don’t like The Sound of Music and I don’t like the songs, but I fell in love with this cover version of “My favourite things” when Carmen Souza performed it live at a concert in my hometown.

Nice timing, playlist, nice timing!

Your 2048 Challenge!

idk if I’m the first person to send you this, but I finished your zombies, run! 2048! Thanks for making it! I had a lot of fun with it <3

Hey, themortalscout, thanks for submitting, saw your screenshot, awesome!!!!

I can’t believe people actually manage to beat that game, somehow it’s seems like I’m waaaay to stupid for it. Congratulations!

But - I’m afraid samyaoza-and-sportsbras was a little faster than you :) But thanks for sharing your victory with us :) :) :)

Easter at Abel and New Canton


Happy Easter, guys, to those who celebrate it!

To celebrate this holiday, imagine the adults at Abel and New Canton decorating Easter “eggs” by painting rocks and hiding them throughout the township for kids to find. Real eggs are too precious to waste, but they still want to do something cute for the kids. There are prizes for whichever kids find the most rocks: treats, special dinners, a chance to sit in the Radio Cabel booth for a day and co-host.

It turns into a huge event, with Sam running around in bunny ears and trying to hide rocks faster than the kids can find them. The ears get passed around from adult to adult all day, with a running challenge of try to get Janine to wear them.

People wonder if they might be hallucinating when Sara starts hopping around after children, making rabbit faces. She doesn’t explain, but it was one of her son’s favorite holidays.

Simon laughs along with the festivities, but has to hide yawns. A group of Catholics at New Canton held a thrown-together Easter Vigil, and he stayed up all night and morning praying. It wasn’t a crowded service, since no one really wants to hear about resurrection these days.

Any other ideas for how the ZR crowd might celebrate?

Bonfire! There will definitely be an easter bonfire. The catholics light it before dawn which is part of the Easter Vigil ceremony. And even those who don’t celebrate easter get up early on Sunday to watch the fire while the sun rises, and the runners will provide extra marshmallows and other stuff to roast in the flames (which the catholics at first don’t like because it’s  not some kind of camp fire, but oh well, never mind, right?) And they all sit around the flames until morning, adults and kids alike. And when the fire burns down it’s daylight and it’s morning and maybe there IS a chance of survival and maybe there IS a chance to make it through the dark times…