Final Content Drop of Season 3 Part 2


Zombies, Run! Season 3 Part 2 concludes today with a new batch of missions.

This week’s new missions are named “It’s Raining Again” and “Addicted To Love”. As usual, no spoilers, but we’re eager to hear what you think of them!

This marks the end of Zombies, Run! Season 3 Part 2 but don’t worry, we’ll be back with Part 3 on August 20th. We’ll have another twenty action packed missions which will conclude the story of Season 3. We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

To get access to all previously released missions, you just need to purchase the relevant Pass from the Store. But surely you’ve already done that, right?

Sooooo, next hiatus is around the corner … voice meme, anybody?

Important Questions for Dr. Myers


Dear Dr. Myers, please find the answers to these questions ASAP. For science.

Do zombies poop? If not, how do they expel excess waste? If so, do they require plenty of fiber?

Do zombies actually eat or do they just chew and not digest anything?

Does eating give zombies energy or do they just…

This fandom asks the right questions!!

lindleyjo replied to my post:

The part with the names was beautiful as well, I listened to that a few weeks ago.

This time I got really teary-eyed about a transmission involving Mt 19,14 // Mk 10,14.

I didn’t realize before how much the game needed a character like Phil to balance the portrayal of religion and faith in Zombies, Run! Especially after everything that happened in the end of Season 2…



Sam: Hey, Five! Uh, listen, some guys at the base here are testing something, uh, I have to listen to it, so I’m gonna kick it through to you as well, while you’re out there. You just keep doing your thing though, run ‘till you’re tired, and we’ll see how far the signal reaches. That cool? Cool.


Jack: [Continued Static] Oh… kay! Say something. 

Eugene: [Continued Static] He-hello? Testing, testing, four, eight-

Jack: [Continued Static] Stop, stop, that does not sound good…

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important headcanons to consider:

  • can they use chopsticks
  • what do they do when they cant sleep
  • what would they impulse buy at the grocery store
  • what order do they wash things in the shower
  • what’s their coffee order
  • what sort of apps would they have on their smartphone
  • how do they act around children
  • what would they watch on tv when they’re bored and nothing they really like is on

Phew, sometimes I really appreciate that you can save posts as drafts …

I stumbled across a post made by a vegan person, and I understood what this person was saying, but I wanted to add something - from a non-vegan point of view, so to say. You know, adding something that might be worth reading. But while writing it I suddenly got really really angry because of things some vegans said to me when we were out eating (not vegans in general, just some vegans I go to university with). And I got really really angry the more I wrote about it, and everything just … piled up and I really wrote myself into some kind of rage. In the end my small addition (of basically one or two sentences) turned into a three page long rant (which was, if I might say so, brilliantly written!!) >_<

But I decided to save it, instead of posting it right away, because I wanted to re-read it before posting. Now, an hour later, I went back to it and I realized: Posting this would do so so SO much more bad than good. Because while I still stand to my point, it was unnecessarily mean against the Original Poster who I don’t even know. It felt like I was attacking him/her, and other vegans (which I did not, but people could definitely read it that way if they wanted to). So yeah, it’s good I didn’t post it. But at the same time, GOD IT FELT GOOD WRITING IT :)

PLUS: I would not want to anger any vegans, because while I’m really not a vegan, I do enjoy eating vegan every now and then, and I like the great recipes on my dash … I don’t want them to hate me ;)

So thank god we have that save as draft option ;)

Some thoughts on the Zombies, Run! HP AU - PART 2

Part 2 - Is Zoe Crick a Slytherin?

(Part 2 of my ZR Harry Potter AU Radio Cabel Meta, Part 1 here)

Disclaimer: There are my personal opinions. If you disagree or want to add something, feel free to let me know ;) As mentioned before, there will be spoilers up to Season 3, but they will be very vague. If you have played up to Season 2 you should be fine, otherwise you won’t know who Phil and Zoe are ;)

My first intuition when it came to Zoe is that she is a Slytherin. But let’s take a look at what the HP Wiki has to say about Slytherins. To make sure she is in the correct house, I need to A: show that of all hosts she fits the description of a Slytherin best; and B: show that there is no other house she might fit in better.

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