Part 2 of our Truth Or Lie Indigiegogo Bonus Episode!!

Join Devin, Lindley and Lizz in part two of their Radio Cabel inspired drinking game! In this episode, Devin tells us why she has never recovered from watching Game of Thrones with her Mum, Lizz is shocked by how expensive speeding tickets are in the US, Lindley accuses people of being drunk which may or may not be true, and the Podcast Detected team still doesn’t really understand what the model airplane story was all about.

Warning: There are mild Radio Mode spoilers in the last part of the episode. If you haven’t done the FIRST FEW SIDEMISSIONS OF SEASON 2 and the FIRST FEW RADIO MODE TRANSMISSIONS OF SEASON 2, you might want to skip 14.30 - 16.30 :)

Music, as always, Ridge Groove by Jason Kessler

(We had to push back our regular episode about Season 3 for a week. Our team members are either super ill and unable to talk, or haven’t finished Season 3 yet. But we will be ready to go for next week ^__^)

Part two of the Indiegogo Bonus Episode… Enjoy :)



It’s October! You guys know what that means right?

You guys probably think you know what this is, but you really don’t. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

come ON tumblr, it’s stuff like this that makes it so damn hard for me to keep up my “i don’t care about halloween” attitude … how am i supposed to not care about hallowed when there are such awesome things like this video?! HOW?!




we should totally do that “who can make the most people cry” thing that was mentioned one time in the chat

I, uh, got one. 


So, Naomi Alderman sent me an email today about this:

I see some people are having a “who can make the most people cry” contest. please do let them know that I said to say that I’ve already won. ;-).

If that’s not a challenge, I know not what is.

Haha, she’s so right, but I’m still down for this challenge. I’ll make up a master-post of everyone’s entries! 

Count me in! I actually wrote something while I was in bed with that nasty cold. It’s a bit not so happy …

Can I just say a big THANK YOU to the ZR fandom?

I have a cold and thus I still haven’t been able to run the last three missions of Season 3 yet. But I haven’t read any spoilers about it. It’s super easy to avoid all of them, because everybody has been super careful with tagging and announcing spoilers.

Thank you :)

Almost 200 Followers Giveaway Thing!!


I’m at 196 followers as of this message, and I guess I’ll like do a giveaway or something to preemptively celebrate?

The only problem is I’m poor and my only mediocre talent is writing, so I can write something for you and maybe give you a promo on my page, I guess. Does that work?

These kinds…

Everyone go an follow Lindley, she’s super nice and funny and talented!!!