Gonna make a travel blog for the year I’m gonna spend traveling the world. I looked up different blog hosts but decided to just make a sideblog here because I already know how tumblr works and I’m too lazy and old to learn something new ;)

Now I need a good name for it, before I can think about a logo, a theme, and all the other stuff… Any ideas?

Zombies, Run! Buddies


Hey guys,
I just had my first run at Zombies, Run! app and I totally loved it. However, I feel like I need some buddies there to motivate me. Please feel free to add me as friend there.
New Runner 5

Here is some info that might be interesting to you, about where to find stuff and people in the Zombies, Run! tumblr fandom :) I’m sure you’ll find many people who will be more than willing to add you as a friend!

So just so you all know:

my godson is the cutest, most adorable baby ever!!

I can’t wait till I can finally see him - the family lives in another city, but i saw pictures and he is soooo adorable!!!

Today is his birthday! His actual birthday, like in “he was born today”!

Sorry I don’t think I’ll be super productive today I will just gush about the baby like the super excited godmother I am!!