Movie fans help me out, please!

I’m looking for the this film of a few years ago and i can’t remember the name:

There are some guys who want to make a movie with a famous person (a rapper or athlete i think?), but they can’t hire him (because they don’t have enough money?). So they start stalking him and tricking him into situations where he - without knowing - reacts they way they want him to so they can film it and put it in the movie, as if he was actually playing the protagonist…
It was a comedy I think.

Sorry I know it’s confusing but I don’t remember much more… I tried to google it but failed, Does anybody have an idea what movie that could be?

Paging artists on tumblr!

I’m looking for someone to draw a picture for the cover of my master thesis. I don’t have much money to spend, but of course I would be willing to pay something and try my best to compensate you for your work.

I’m looking for someone who will draw a character in the movie I’m working with, it should be recognizable as this person, but it can be a bit abstract. No comics or chibis - as much as i love them, they don’t fit the topic I’m working on. I will provide you with a few screenshot and we can talk about details and money and stuff. For more details pease contact me here on tumblr or send me a mail to “”

Thank you :)


So friends of mine work on this amazing project, second (or third?) year in a row now, and they asked me to spread the word to as many people as possible. So here we go: (translation by me, and it’s super early in the morning so there might be mistakes, I apologize ^__^)

Dear movie fans!

In November, Dr. Klabbe will host an evening in the Innsbrucker Cinematograph movie theater: Musicians will perform live music to silent films. This tradition has been started by filmfest rejected and has always shown great results. Anyone wanna join?

At the moment we are looking for (short) films of about 4-7 min length to be shown live. Musicians will compose and then perform film music to these movies. 

Of course we will also introduce the director and the movie itself, and you will be mentioned on our Facebook page, twitter, website etc. 

We are looking for:

  • Short movies / music videos etc of 4-7 min length (you can always edit a longer video to make it shorter, no problem!)
  • the pictures should be impressive and tell some kind of story even without the original sound
  • submit them as fileshare-link to
  • deadline: Oct., 12th 2014
Find more info here and on Facebook:

Don’t worry about language problems if you don’t speak German! They all speak English!

So yeah, I know some of you work with movies and films and are super creative, so in case you have a short movie or a longer movie you could edit, let us know and submit it if you want :) The genre of movies can be anything I guess, but of course it will have to be original content - stuff you own the rights to!

Disclaimer: I am not associated with this project, I am just spreading the word for friends of mine who are. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the team directly via their homepage or facebook, I do not speak in Dr. Klabbe’s name, thank you!

blog update-ish…

so the last week has been super busy… there are a lot of posts i want to make and answers to your replies and a few messages i should answer etc etc but i hardly find time within these last weeks of my thesis … but i think i’ll get to it tonight >_<

Reblog if you would read a post-apocalyptic comic about disabled people


Seriously. Because I have an idea for one, and I want to see whether I can make it work. I don’t know if I can find an artist who’d be interested in collaborating on it, but if I can, I have some ideas on how to fund it. I just want to see enough people would be interested in it.

Surely I can’t be the only one who’s tired of the idea that the apocalypse would wipe out all disabled people because we couldn’t possibly survive. 

Sooooo … basically a comic about Eugene and that super amazing blind scientist woman in Season 3?



Might restart S2 Radio Mode to try and get the low defense/morale clips. Any tips on how to lower defense? Blew up my base so it restarted at 63%. Also overpopulated so morale is at 20%.

*cracks knuckles* My time has come.

So yeah, overpopulated is a good way to go. Don’t…

OR you could just try to… you know … raise the gates ;)